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Mozart Violin Concertos 3, 4 & 5

Arabella Steinbacher, Violin
Lead Violin: Daniel Dodds

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Violin concerto No. 3 G major K. 216
Violin concerto No. 4 D major K. 218
Violin concerto No. 5 A major K. 219

Release date: 2014/05/01
Pentatone PTC 5186 479


With the kind support of:

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy:
The complete string symphonies and symphonic movement in C minor for strings, MWV N 1-12, MWV N 14

Release date: 2009/11/02
Oehms classics OC740


Benjamin Britten

Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Benjamin Britten:
Simple Symphony Op. 4 (1933/34)
Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge Op. 10 (1937)
Prelude and Fugue Op. 29

Release date: 2008/10/06
Oehms classics OC723


Bach Piano Concertos

Martin Stadtfeld, Piano
Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Piano concerto D minor BWV 1052
Prelude and fugue E flat minor BWV 853
Piano concerto E major BWV 1053
Prelude and fugue B flat minor BWV 867
Piano concerto F minor BWV 1056

Release date: 2007/06/01
Sony music


Serenades for Strings

Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikovsky:
Serenade C major Op. 48

Antonín Dvořák:
Serenade E major Op. 24 (Original version)

Release date: 2007/02/01
Oehms classics OC590



Bernd Glemser, Piano
Reinhold Friedrich, Trumpet
Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Dmitri Shostakovitch:
Concerto for piano, strings and trumpet C minor Op. 35 (piano concerto No. 1)
String quartet No. 8 C minor Op. 110 (arr. for strings by Rudolf Baumgartner)
Prelude C major Op. 87 No. 1 for piano
Prelude C major Op. 87 No. 1 (arr. for strings by Rudolf Baumgartner)

Release date: 2006/05/02
Oehms classics OC561


Dialogue Baroque – Minimal

Conductor: Achim Fiedler

John Adams:
«Shaker Loops» for strings (1977/82)

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Brandenburg concerto No. 3 G major BWV 1048
Brandenburg concerto No. 6 B flat major BWV 1051

Steve Reich:
«Triple Quartet» version for strings (1999)

Release date: 2005/06/01
Oehms classics OC363


Dialogue Schubert – Webern

Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Franz Schubert:
Quartet movement C minor D 703
Five German Dances for strings D 90
Six German Dances D 820 (arr. by Anton Webern)

Anton Webern:
Slow Movement (1905)
Five Movements Op. 5
Movement for strings in D minor. Scrap

Release date: 2004/05/24
Oehms classics OC333


Dialogue Bach – Honegger

Conductor: Achim Fiedler

Johann Sebastian Bach:
«A musical offering» – Ricercar a 6, BWV 1079
The art of fugue, BWV 1080 (Exerpts)

Arthur Honegger:
Symphony No. 2 for strings & trumpet
Prelude, Arioso & Fughette based on B-A-C-H
Hymn for string dixtet
Largo for strings

Release date: 2003/02/01
Oehms classics OC301