Regula Maurer


Born in Switzerland, the cellist received extensive musical training in Zurich, Paris and Winterthur. She did her teaching and orchestral diplomas with Claude Starck, then attained French perfectionnement with Xavier Gagnepain, advancing to her DiplĂ´me de Concertiste de Musique de Chambre with Devi Erlih and completing her studies by doing her concert diploma with Raphael Wallfisch.

She has been an enthusiastic member of the Lucerne Festival Strings since 2002. Other orchestras regularly invite her to give guest performances. She is a member of various chamber groupings and gives concerts in Switzerland, Europe and Asia.

Her special love is Baroque music, which she has confronted intensively as a gambist. In addition, she takes part in various multi-disciplinary stage projects with singers, actors and dancers.

After more than ten years of cello teaching, she sets great store by bringing the younger generation closer to classical music. Teaching is valuable to her because it helps compensate for the bustle of performing life.

Regula and the Lucerne Festival Strings:

«I never fail to be fascinated by the joy in interaction and constant striving for perfection, and above all by the unbridled fun in making music every musician has in the Lucerne Festival Strings!»